2022 World Championship: eStar ends two hero games, averaging no more than 13 minutes per game.

2022-12-08 15:32

2022 World Championship: eStar ends two hero games, averaging no more than 13 minutes per game.

The 2022 Glory of Kings World Championship is in full swing. On the second day, it is the turn of eStar Pro to play against Hero. If they don’t reach it, they will lose the qualification to continue the confrontation. At the same time, Ziyang and Qingrong also transferred from Hero to eStar Pro in the same year. After a year, the two teams played against each other again.

Although the Hero team in the trials only relied on qualified performance to qualify, the early performance was not good, and it can be seen that they gradually recovered in the subsequent games and regained their form. Compared with the still peak Wolves, they are not a strong team, and there is no such thing as a menacing team. , seemed to be working quietly, trying to win every game, everyone was watching, some netizens evaluated their strength, and just sighed and said, "Hero still has a long way to go."

Excellent awareness of Qingrong

Returning to the match against eStar Pro , the strength of each Hero player will not be worse than the opponent. There is no doubt that the operation is still online, but the ability to read the team needs to be strengthened. On the other hand, Qing Rong, who was once a student of Hero, has almost At the level of a god, he gave up the dominant vanguard in the middle and went straight to the top. The audience expressed black question marks.

Walking halfway, I pulled up the map to find out what happened there. It turned out that another player was calm and about to be killed by the opponent's tower jump. It turned out that he ran to the road because he realized that his teammates would be in danger. I didn’t know that I thought Qing Rong had the ability to predict, and this awareness definitely surpassed most of the players on the field. Witnessing Qing Rong’s performance with my own eyes, I believe Jiu Zhe would be so angry that he regretted selling him back then.

Less than 13 minutes per game

After seeing the performance of the players, let’s check the game time. Just looking at the battle, there is indeed an illusion that the two teams are evenly matched. If the situation is true, they should fight to the death. Two teams that are evenly matched, the battle usually lasts for a long time. Time, but the data proves everything. Analyzing the strength of the two teams in terms of time, the gap between Hero and eStarPro is too large, and it is a pity that it is dying after exhausting energy. It took an average of 13 minutes for eStar Pro to push Hero's high ground evenly in a game. , to win.

From this, it can be seen that the strength of eStar Pro has obviously improved by leaps and bounds. The teammates have a good understanding of each other, and the degree of cooperation is extremely high. There are no loopholes. !