700 goals in his club career Ronaldo becomes the first in history

2022-10-11 10:41

 700 goals in his club career   Ronaldo becomes the first in history

In one of the focus battles in the 10th round of the Premier League recently, Manchester United, who went to the away game, was led by one goal, after relying on the goals contributed by Anthony and Portuguese star Ronaldo, they finally reversed Egypt 2-1. Forton. Although he didn't get the chance to start again, Cristiano Ronaldo, who came off the bench, not only broke the league's scoring drought, but also set foot on the milestone of 700 goals in his club career.

In the game against Everton, Manchester United arranged for Ronaldo to replace Martial in the 29th minute.

Then Casemiro got the ball from Everton in the 44th minute and sent a through ball. Cristiano Ronaldo seized the opportunity to take the ball to the penalty area and scored a low shot towards Pickford's goal from the near corner, helping Manchester United to overtake the opponent. In the end, Manchester United also got 3 points and ranked 5th in the standings.

Ronaldo named the best player of the game

The 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, in addition to breaking the league's goal drought this season, is also the first sports goal in all competitions. In addition, the star's club career has also embarked on the 700-ball milestone, and he has become the first "superstar" to achieve this achievement. Cristiano Ronaldo's 700 goals also include 5 goals for Sporting Portugal, 450 goals for Real Madrid, 101 goals for Juventus and 144 goals for Manchester United.

On the other hand, this goal has also helped Ronaldo to score goals in the top leagues in the past 20 seasons. Therefore, regardless of Ronaldo's current state is somewhat different from the past, it is not easy to achieve this exceptional record.

According to statistics, in the match against Everton, Ronaldo touched the ball 34 times in 61 minutes, 3 shots on target, 2 shots on target and a goal, and 23 passes with a success rate of 78%. He was voted the best player of the game by the Premier League.