76ers forward Harrell misses third preseason game with injury

2022-10-11 12:53

76ers forward Harrell misses third preseason game with injury

According to the Philadelphia 76ers' injury report released today, 28-year-old forward Montrezl Harrell will miss the third preseason game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road due to a strained intercostal muscle.

Harrell played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets, and also won the NBA 's Sixth Man of the Year. After being traded from the Washington Wizards to the Charlotte Hornets last season, he averaged 11.4 points, 4.9 rebounds, 2 assists, 0.4 steals and 0.5 in 21 minutes per game as a backup forward in 25 games. Second blocked shots, with an overall shooting percentage of 64.5%.

The backup forward also became a free agent after the end of last season. At the same time, Harrell excelled in offense, with a stable offense in the penalty area and good at pick-and-roll, adding a lot of advantages and support to the rotation, and was considered a free agent by the outside world. The best frontcourt helper on the market. The 76ers then signed a contract with him to play in the preseason in September, and it is not known whether Harrell will have a place on the roster for the new season.

It is understood that the 76ers had 2 frontcourt absent for today's game, namely Harrell, who has been dealing with an intercostal strain, and Joel Embiid, the team's MVP. Today, the team went to the Cavaliers' home stadium to participate in the game at the Loan Arena. Embiid, the core of the lineup, got a proper rest under the arrangement of the team to prepare for the regular season.

With both Embiid and Harrell left out of the Game 3 preseason lineup this season, 76ers head coach Doc Rivers is expected to consider 23-year-old center Paul Reid as Harrell As a backup, the recruit is also trying his best to make the preseason in order to win the roster for the new season's rotation. However, P.J. Tucker, the 37-year-old veteran the 76ers acquired from the Miami Heat in the offseason, was more popular at center in the preseason.

Next up is the 76ers' preseason finale against the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday. According to the schedule, the 76ers will start the regular season opener next Wednesday against the Boston Celtics.

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