Ace striker Lewandowski helps Barcelona score another goal! Refused to draw 1-0 away to Mallorca

2022-10-02 14:33

Ace striker Lewandowski helps Barcelona score another goal! Refused to draw 1-0 away to Mallorca

The seventh round of La Liga in the 2022-2023 season continues today. The 34-year-old ace striker Robert Lewandowski, newly introduced by Barcelona this summer, is well-deserved. He helped Barcelona score a goal in this game and was rejected 1-0. With a draw away from Real Mallorca, Barcelona led Barcelona to a new peak with an unbeaten record of 6 wins and 1 draw to lead the La Liga standings!

In the 20th minute of the first half, Barcelona 's 19-year-old striker Ansu Fati passed Lewandowski from the left. After turning around, he volleyed the ball with his right foot into the right bottom corner of the goal, which caught the home team's 26-year-old goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic off guard.

And this goal was also Lewandowski's only goal in this game, and it was a key goal for Barcelona to win Real Mallorca . In addition, the ace veteran has contributed 9 goals in 7 La Liga games and scored 3 goals in 2 games in the Champions League since joining Barcelona from Bayern Munich in the transfer window this summer. .

In the 23rd minute, Barcelona's 34-year-old midfielder Sergio Busquets hit the penalty spot when the ball bounced to his feet after Lewandowski tried to shoot in the penalty area and was cleared The goal was saved by goalkeeper Rajkovic.

After this, the two teams reached a stalemate, and neither team managed to break through the defensive goal. In the 52nd minute, Mallorca was close to tying the score. The home team's 25-year-old midfielder Antonio Sanchez shot diagonally into the net on the right side of the goal, but was blocked by Barcelona's 30-year-old goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Under the goal, refused to tie the score.

In the 90th minute of the final, Mallorca's 21-year-old South Korean midfielder Lee Kang-in also created a good chance to score, but his shot missed the goal post and lost the equal chance of the game.

According to the battle records of the two teams, this game is Barcelona's 10th consecutive victory over Mallorca, and Barcelona also won the sixth consecutive La Liga victory in this victory, surpassing the top Real Madrid with 19 points overnight. Become the leader of La Liga.