After the strongest king is a new beginning, the master recommends the must-have heroes for the peak game.

2022-12-07 15:20

After the strongest king is a new beginning, the master recommends the must-have heroes for the peak game.

A large number of players are fighting to the death for the mark of the king. After all the hard work to reach the rank of the strongest king, there are still many challenges waiting for you to complete. Some players will choose to continue to yearn for a higher rank. The next goal is The Peerless King or the Glory King, and the other is focusing on the peak game .

Save effort for the skin of the competition year

The S29 season is coming to an end, everyone is busy playing qualifying matches, and won the mark of the king, so as not to spend more effort in the S30 season to win the season-limited skin, the king has 25 stars, plus a certain peak game score, the difficulty is higher than now There are many, high-quality skins are clearly in front of you, and you are only short of the king's mark in the last season. No matter how busy you are at work or staying up late to play, you don't want to lose your skin. There is no trouble after getting the mark. In order to avoid losing streaks, players who want to continue to challenge themselves will choose to play the peak game.

Peak game play is fairer

The peak game can only be unlocked after reaching the strongest king rank. There are many differences in the gameplay. The qualifying game is a bit unfair, because players can win over high-end operation teammates to lead them to fly, and form a team in double, three or five rows. In team competitions, join hands to rise up the ranks. One or two teammates in the team are masters, and the odds of winning are greatly increased. Some high-end players will even open trumpets and sneak into low-end games to help their friends win.

Not only that, but there is a large gap in the ranks of multiple rows. Even if your rank is Xingyao, you can still team up with friends of Brick and King. The winning rate is greatly reduced, because the team's main output position is a strong enemy, leading the rhythm, and the difficulty of ranking is increased. The summit competition is different. There are no multi-person teams, and only one person can participate. The score gap between teammates and opponents is very small, and the competition is obviously fair.

Single row mode means that you must be strong enough to increase your score. Personal operation is one of the key points to increase your winning rate. Of course, choosing the right hero is also indispensable. In this issue, we will introduce the five heroes recommended by the great gods for good positions. They are low in difficulty and have a high fault tolerance rate. They are Lu Bu, Genghis Khan, Nuwa, Sang Qi, and Agudo. The next article will analyze their gameplay and strength for you. , Friends, please continue to stay at 77577 Sports, thank you for reading.