After the warm-up, the new fighter Zhou Huaizhen went online ahead of schedule.

2022-12-04 15:20

After the warm-up, the new fighter Zhou Huaizhen went online ahead of schedule.

The glory of the king ushered in an update, and many activities and benefits have been quietly launched. This week, the fourth skin of Yuanmeng is the main one , Yuange's Wuxin, an epic quality skin of 6 yuan, the shape is a purple mecha, and it adopts cosmic wind. In addition to the skin, another The one to watch is the new hero, Zhou Huaizhen.

Zhou Huaizhen is a warrior by profession, and is officially positioned as a heavy warrior. His specialty is defense and counterattack. He thought it would be reserved for the new season before it is officially launched. Unexpectedly, the game will be updated without warning. , the mall is not directly sold.

There are two ways to obtain it. The first way is to complete the event task and accumulate props to exchange. Only 8 props can be exchanged for Zhou Huaizhen, and the task is simple. You have to log in to the game, complete the game, accumulate assists and kills, and Zhou Huaizhen Form a team, each can get an item, find a friend to form a team to open the black, and collect 10 items in less than a few days, used 8 to exchange for heroes , and left two to exchange for avatar frames and other items.

The second way is to open boxes, the price is 600 gold coins each, old players who don’t like to do tasks and have saved millions of gold coins can buy all the boxes directly as local tyrants, and can only buy 40 at most, which means spending 24,000 Gold coins must be drawn to Zhou Huaizhen. Based on the simple task of the event, it is recommended that you do not spend money to buy boxes. After all, it is difficult to save gold coins back. It is not worth losing to laziness.