Arsenal are planning to re-sign 21-year-old defensive recruit Saliba

2022-10-04 14:54

Arsenal are planning to re-sign 21-year-old defensive recruit Saliba

Premier League leaders Arsenal are reportedly considering the renewal of 21-year-old defender William Saliba as a priority following Saturday's 3-1 win over Tottenham Hotspur for their seventh game. Saliba himself personally witnessed this rumor, saying that the two sides are currently discussing the relevant contract renewal agreement.

Saliba has signed a five-year contract with Arsenal since joining Arsenal from Ligue 2 Saint-Etienne for £27 million in 2019. It is understood that Tottenham also made an offer at the same time as Arsenal and was keen to introduce the young defender, but Saliba ended up preferring to play for Arsenal.

However, Saliba was loaned to Ligue 2 Saint-Etienne, Ligue 1 Nice and Ligue 1 Marseille in the first 3 seasons after joining Arsenal. It wasn't until this season that he got his first Premier League appearance for Arsenal. Since the start of the Premier League season, Saliba has played 8 Premier League games for Arsenal and contributed 2 goals and 1 assist.

The young French defender has given Arsenal a flawless start to his debut season in the Premier League , not only playing a pivotal role in the game but also impressing.

In addition, Saliba was outstanding in Saturday's 3-1 win over Tottenham, he returned with efficient defensive force against Tottenham's two main attacking strikers Son Heung-min and captain Harry Kane. , stood out in Arsenal's defensive end, helping Arsenal to consolidate the top spot in the Premier League.

However, Saliba’s contract with the team now has less than 2 years left. It is reported that after that game, a number of Premier League clubs have developed an interest in the French defender.

This forced Arsenal to make the renewal of Saliba a priority, and they are starting to discuss a contract extension with Saliba’s agent, hoping to keep Saliba in the team.

Arsenal's 24-year-old goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale also praised Saliba's performance against Tottenham, and believed that Saliba's defense was calm and fast, like a Rolls-Royce car, Quite the way the young French defender fits into the Arsenal squad.