Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Oblak has been named as Tottenham captain Loris' successor in a transfer battle with Manchester United

2022-09-29 15:33

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Oblak has been named as Tottenham captain Loris' successor in a transfer battle with Manchester United

As Premier League Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris, 35, enters the twilight of his career, the team is looking for a long-term successor to captain Lloris and replace Atletico Madrid's 29-year-old in La Liga. Goalkeeper Jan Oblak is considered an ideal candidate, and Tottenham is expected to start a transfer battle with Manchester United, who are also interested in introducing Oblak.

The French national team captain and Tottenham captain Lloris played for Tottenham for 10 years and played a total of 425 games. He is a goalkeeper with a fairly solid defensive efficiency in the Premier League. The respected veteran signed a two-year contract extension with Tottenham in January.

Although Lloris is a reliable and stable goalkeeper for Tottenham, considering that Lloris will be 37 years old by then, he is expected to leave the team at the latest when his contract expires in the summer of 2024. So Tottenham coach Antonio Conte and the club's director of football Fabio Pladige are planning ahead to discuss the successor.

Tottenham have reportedly confirmed Oblak as an ideal replacement for captain Lloris and have made contact with him to push ahead with the Slovenian 29-year-old goalkeeper in next summer's transfer window.

Although Oblak signed a six-year contract with Atletico in July, Atletico are open to selling Oblak and are willing to start transfer talks with clubs interested in acquiring the goalkeeper.

However, Tottenham need to fend off competition from Premier League Manchester United. With Oblak being one of the best goalkeepers in Europe, Manchester United are also rumoured to be interested in signing him.

It is reported that Manchester United 's 31-year-old goalkeeper David de Gea has not received much attention from coach Eric Ten Hag, and is worried that he will lose more playing time in the future and is likely to leave the team next summer. Atletico Madrid's goalkeeper signings list includes De Gea, the others include Brighton's 24-year-old Robert Sanchez and Premier League Brentford's 30-year-old Emiliano Martinez.

Based on Manchester United's De Gea is likely to be Atletico Madrid's primary goalkeeper candidate, and Atletico Madrid's abandoned Oblak also happens to be selected by Manchester United, it is expected that the two sides are more likely to succeed in this transfer transaction, when Tottenham will The newly introduced but weak defensive ability, 34-year-old Fraser Foster, is a secondary candidate to succeed Loris.