Away fans threw tear gas into the stadium, causing Montpellier and Toulouse to stop the Ligue 1

2022-10-03 13:53

Away fans threw tear gas into the stadium, causing Montpellier and Toulouse to stop the Ligue 1

In the 5th game of the 9th round of the 2022-2023 Ligue 1, Toulouse played Montpellier, a shocking scene was staged, causing the game to be forced to call a stoppage in the middle of the game.

The incident occurred in the 57th minute of the second half, when the home team's 26-year-old midfielder Stein Spierings, 22-year-old striker Zakaria Abklar and 31-year-old midfielder Brecht Deyah Le and 19-year-old forward Farez Chaibi have contributed 4 goals for Toulouse , while 23-year-old defender Nicolas Coza of the visiting team Montpellier scored 1 goal, Toulouse crushed 4-1 Montpellier.

However, Toulouse's overwhelming performance seemed to ignite the anger of the away fans, and in the 57th minute, the away fans threw tear gas on the pitch, causing all the players of the home and away teams to cover their eyes due to inhalation of the chemical constituents of the tear gas. Nose, but the eyes still showed symptoms such as tears and difficulty breathing, causing the game between the two teams to be called to a stop.

The players and referees on the pitch were also evacuated immediately and went to the locker room for rest and treatment to wait for the gas to dissipate. It is understood that the game was suspended for 15 minutes before resuming. Although Montpellier 's 19-year-old striker Eli Vache contributed a goal in the 68th minute, it was still difficult to save the game and Toulouse was defeated 2-4.

After the game, the Ligue 1 official also issued a statement saying that this is a sad and unacceptable move, and this incident will cause a major blow to the Ligue 1. However, the official has not disclosed whether an investigation has been launched and the fans involved are severely punished.

It is worth mentioning that the incident occurred after a riot in the Indonesian football league. It is reported that the unrest in Indonesia killed hundreds of people, including two riot police. The tragic riot was also hailed as the darkest day in world football history.

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