Barcelona make Manchester City midfielder Silva their primary target for next summer

2022-09-29 15:32

Barcelona make Manchester City midfielder Silva their primary target for next summer

According to reports, La Liga Barcelona will make the Premier League Manchester City's 28-year-old midfielder Bernardo Silva as the primary introduction target next summer, while the 31-year-old midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, who also plays for Manchester City, will become unavailable at that time. Silva's interim candidate.

Silva has played more than 169 games on behalf of Manchester City in the Premier League since he moved from Monaco to Manchester City in 2017, contributing 44 goals and 39 assists. He has also helped Manchester City win the FA Cup, 2 times the English Community Shield, 3 times the Premier League and 4 times the English League Cup, and also won the Manchester City Player of the Year award.

Barcelona originally considered signing Gundogan in the transfer window next summer, but Barcelona coach Xavi believed that Silva was the ideal candidate, so he removed Gundogan from the priority list of signings and took Silva as the priority to introduce candidates. To fill the void left by Barcelona's 25-year-old midfielder Frenkie de Jong when he leaves the team next summer.

However, Manchester City and Silva are currently executing a three-year contract. Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola is reluctant to lose the giant and planned to increase Silva's salary last month to attract him to stay in the team. potency.

It is reported that during the 5 years Silva played for Manchester City, La Liga Atletico Madrid and Serie A AC Milan have both intended to introduce Silva, but they were rejected by Manchester City.

This means that the process of signing Silva will be difficult for Barcelona. The contract between Gundogan and Manchester City of the same team is about to end next summer, and the German midfielder also expressed his willingness to join Barcelona in the transfer window next summer. If Silva does not succeed in joining Barcelona next summer, then Gundogan will be introduced as a secondary alternative to Barcelona.

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