Barcelona striker Griezmann officially switches from loan to transfer to Atletico Madrid

2022-10-10 12:24

Barcelona striker Griezmann officially switches from loan to transfer to Atletico Madrid

Barcelona's 31-year-old striker Antoine Griezmann has reached a full transfer agreement with Atlético de Madrid and has signed a contract until 2026, according to reports.

Griezmann played for Atletico in 2014. In these five seasons, he played 180 games and contributed 94 goals. Also helped the team win the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the Europa League. At the same time, he has also been nominated for the Ballon d'Or, World Player of the Year, and the best player in Europe, winning the La Liga Player of the Year Award, the French Player of the Year, the La Liga and Champions League Team of the Year and the European Cup of Nations. The Golden Boot Award is a lot of harvesting in personal milestones.

After that, the hot French striker in the transfer market officially joined Barcelona in August 2019. Griezmann scored 22 goals in 74 games during his two seasons at Barcelona and helped the team win the Copa del Rey.

However, since Xavi took over as Barcelona's new coach in 2021, the veteran's performance level has not been as good as before, the number and time of appearances have also been reduced, and he was also loaned to Atletico Madrid last season by the team to loan players. The identity returned to the former club. He was undervalued at Barcelona and unable to make the first team, which forced Griezmann to apply for a transfer with the team in order to gain more playing opportunities and develop the future prospects of his football career.

It is reported that Atletico Madrid and Barcelona have reached a transfer agreement for Griezmann. Atletico Madrid will pay 20 million euros and a potential additional fee of another 2 million euros to Barcelona, and will officially sign him back to Atletico Madrid until 2026.

It is worth mentioning that Atletico do not have to pay 40 million euros including the loan of Griezmann in the summer of 2021, and the France international is also willing to automatically reduce his salary in order to achieve a transfer. However, it is believed that Griezmann will get more playing opportunities at Atletico Madrid and even be included in the first team. He has represented Atletico Madrid as a starter in two games so far this season.

Going forward, Griezmann will get more playing time in La Liga ahead of next month's World Cup, while Barcelona can use the deal to balance the team's future wage bill.

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