Born with multiple displacements, these heroes slip the fastest. (two)

2022-12-07 15:18

Born with multiple displacements, these heroes slip the fastest. (two)

Some heroes do not need any displacement, and their escape speed is very similar to the sprinting summoner skill. The super fast running speed saves more effort than multi-stage displacement. As the first hero in the canyon that ignores the terrain, Yun Zhongjun's escape speed is not inferior to Han Xin. He Yao, everyone climbs over the wall, he uses flying, not even walking.

Displacement heroes always have a flaw. Climbing over the wall seems invincible. Once the wall is too thick, the skill still fails to be used, stuck in place, and the scene is very embarrassing. A period of displacement is wasted for nothing. Maybe because of this mistake, staying for a few seconds will lead to being The enemy catches up and kills.

On the other hand, Yun Zhongjun , who is flying in the air, does not need to worry about this problem at all. If the situation is not right, he will fly away through all the walls at any time. If you get hurt, you just get rid of all controls, but Yun Zhongjun's big move is to ignore any attack directly, and you won't be hit. Zhongjun, I am afraid that we need to use suppression skills.

Mai Shiranui

The representative heroes of displacement are Han Xin and Yao, the invincible through the wall is Yun Zhongjun who flies in the air, and Mai Shiranui is famous for rolling. Every time a skill is used up, you can roll once, and can be used to pass through the wall. The rolling direction is determined by The movement key decides. Not only that, her first and third skills also have a displacement effect, which means that this stabbing hero has six levels of displacement, plus the high acceleration of the second skill. To be honest, Mai Shiranui is more difficult to catch than Han Xin. Move in another direction, obviously seeing that the other party is showing signs of fleeing, then suddenly shift in the opposite direction, attacking you, use all your strengths, and hit a series of chain control, the opponent has no power to fight back, the difficulty of catching Mai Shiranui is even more difficult than Zhuang Zhou who is free of control is even higher.

Sima Yi

Sima Yi 's advantage is that after using a skill, he enters the state of the spirit body, the soul comes out of the body, and accelerates greatly. It continues to move, and the body stays in place. After a few seconds, the body returns to the soul position. The most outrageous is his big move, the displacement distance Half the map, even if five people squatted on him, Sima Yi could escape the scene with one skill, and return to the crystal would not be a problem.