Born with multiple displacements, these heroes slip the fastest.

2022-12-07 15:15

Born with multiple displacements, these heroes slip the fastest.

Each hero has a unique design, some have excellent group control, long-range attacks, frequent basic attacks, attribute enhancements, etc., but the most pleasing feature is the movement function. The displacement skill is very convenient, and shooters and assassins need it to improve the survival rate. After all, the support is not to stay by your side to guard all the time, at least you have one hand, dodge left and right, avoid all attacks, get close to the enemy, and kill him with a single blow.

Displacement can not only be used for fighting, the masters love to use the mechanism in the game show, show what is unbeatable crispy skin, gorgeous operation, even if the opponent attacks wildly, no blood volume is lost, this is the essence of displacement skills, In addition, the most important thing is to escape. Today we will study the hero who slips the fastest in the canyon.

Han Xin

This assassin player has long been used to it. He is known as "Han Tiaotiao". As the name suggests, his forte is of course his jumping skills. He is best at jumping over walls. With three stages of displacement, he is too slow to walk a few steps, so he has more mechanisms Advantage, Han Xin can move quickly with displacement, suitable for pushing towers with wires, after brushing wild monsters, he will appear in front of you and attack you instantly, killing you by surprise, obviously from the development road to group together, within ten seconds, he flew to the confrontation road. If you want to instantly kill the enemy and find that the timing of entering the field is wrong, as long as the opponent does not do enough damage, you can jump over the wall to escape if necessary.


Yao only has two displacements, but by virtue of the "returning" ability of the mechanism, his whereabouts are unexpected and his whereabouts are unpredictable. Chasing the bloody Yao, seeing that the other party has two displacements, he also makes up for it with a flash to catch up, who knows When preparing to launch an attack, Yao used his big move "Yuan Shen Gui Wei", as if turning back time, returning to the starting point with a button, and fleeing in the opposite direction, this time chasing in vain.

The eye-catching teammate will choose two ways to outflank, one will be responsible for continuing to chase and kill Yao, and the other will squat at the spot where he uses displacement to prevent him from going back to the distance. As long as Yao players dare to come back, they will kill him. It is difficult to catch up with Yao with less control skills. Be careful of the opponent's counter-attack. Many times, the crispy skin cares about chasing Yao with residual blood, but the opponent comes back with a jedi counterattack. .