Borussia Dortmund president disappointed by Bayern draw

2022-10-10 12:17

Borussia Dortmund president disappointed by Bayern draw

Dortmund's 2-2 draw with Bayern Munich yesterday in the Bundesliga . Dortmund's board chairman Oliver Kahn couldn't hide his anger after the game and was deeply disappointed with the team. At the same time, he warned the team to get rid of the passive state.

In that game, Dortmund was in the lead, but unexpectedly was tied by Bayern at the end, and the camera on the scene also captured Kahn's excited expression in the viewing area. His angry expression and roar were enough to express his feelings for the team. Unwilling to concede a goal in the second half.

The anger was not quelled until the post-match interview with Kahn. He revealed that he could hardly imagine the team going through a winning streak this season, and suggested it was Dortmund's worst season ever.

At the same time, he also added that he reminded the team that they must be motivated and take the initiative to get back on track, instead of being frustrated and repeatedly intercepted in the latter part of the game, or passively waiting for the top team to lose points and fall.

As of today, Dortmund ranks in the top four of the Bundesliga standings with 5 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, second only to Bayern . The second place is Freiburg, and the top spot is Union Berlin.

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