Brockey doesn't think it feels good to lose, but losing in this way is good for the players

2022-10-10 15:03

Brockey doesn't think it feels good to lose, but losing in this way is good for the players

Celta assistant coach Ariel Brocchi attended a press conference after Barcelona's home win over Celta .

Brockey said that the result of the game gave him a bad feeling, but when the game was lost in this way, it was a good thing for the players. They are full of cleanliness and courage, it is very difficult to come here to play, and the team is facing such a strong opponent as Barcelona.

As for the result of the game, Brockey said they talked about the dangerous situation they were in at half-time. Opponents are good at exploiting open spaces, and their individual ability is excellent and the ball is quick, so the Celta team needs to be vigilant at all times. They were more in the opposing half in the second half. Brockey believes that there have been many controversial decisions and the results are unfair.

Serta has analyzed that they are difficult to create opportunities in a narrow space, but they will feel very comfortable when the space is opened. Therefore, Celta should move forward and fight bravely. Brockey said the team might have won the game if Oscar took his first chance. Brocchi also said that they should have created 4 or 5 chances, which is usually difficult for the visiting team to create so many chances at the Barcelona stadium.

Broki said they knew there were several casualties at the midfielder. They were left with the question of whether Eric Garcia or De Jong would partner Pique before the game. After seeing the opponent's starting lineup, Celta intends to find opportunities in Marcos Alonso. Then, Celta tried to break through quickly on the flanks on both sides. In the first half, Celta had 2 or 3 chances to create danger for the opponent.