Bruno Fernandes: It was a great feeling to play with Eriksen

2022-09-29 14:12

Bruno Fernandes: It was a great feeling to play with Eriksen

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes expressed his views on one of the team's new signings, Eriksen, in an interview with the club recently.

Eriksen from Denmark joined Manchester United as a free agent this summer and has contributed an assist to Manchester United in 6 Premier League games.

Bruno Fernandes said in the interview that it is a great feeling to play with Eriksen , because Eriksen can find space to pass the ball, which makes it easier for Bruno Fernandes to play. "When I'm moving between the lines, Eriksen always finds me, it's not easy, so I'm happy that he's on our team. Eriksen is a great player , he has shown great qualities in the Premier League, Serie A or the national team in the past, so it is always a pleasure to play with him."

When it comes to other Manchester United new arrivals, Bruno Fernandes believes that every player is adapting well, performing well and having a positive impact on the team.

"Everyone is looking forward to their performance and we as teammates will support them. They also have time to understand the team and the history of the club, and we should face the game as a whole."

"Cristiano Ronaldo should not be hyped all the time"

On the other hand, Portugal, the national team represented by Bruno Fernandes, unfortunately lost 0-1 in the UEFA Nations League group stage home game against Spain, and Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo's performance was also severely criticized by fans.

Bruno Fernandez said that in Portugal's game against Spain, it was not only Ronaldo who lost the chance to score, but other players also failed to score. He also emphasized that Ronaldo showed ambition in the game and wanted to help the team win.

Bruno Fernandes also pointed out that people should not keep hyping Ronaldo because he has given his best. He also hopes that everyone will not forget that Cristiano Ronaldo is the holder of the national team's scoring record.