Canyon adds another global selection, Ji Xiaoman’s first epic official announcement.

2023-11-20 14:11

Canyon adds another global selection, Ji Xiaoman’s first epic official announcement.

The Chinese server of Honor of Kings and the international server Arena of Valor have a lot in common. Some of the heroes have the same image. Based on the failure of luxury brand linkages one after another, Tianmei decided to start transferring the skin of the international server and launch twin and global selection plans, just like now The 2023 World Championship is in full swing, and a dedicated competition server has been launched by integrating the two versions.

Recently, Honor of Kings has launched the Asian Games athlete look, the natural and ecological fantasy Agudo anniversary skin, the two-dimensional comic style Journey of Time, and the Sailor Moon collaboration. When will a new skin for the international server be added? Planned to announce the answer to players, the official announcement was that Ji Xiaoman would like to mention the advanced appearance of "Marie Capoeirista" and position it as an epic quality.

Brazilian style global selection

Ji Xiaoman's popularity and strength have always been far ahead in the canyon, and he even planned to personally weaken it. I never thought that the first high-end skin would be a global selection style. It is said that the skin is obtained by completing tasks in events, and the overall design is mainly purple. It adopts the Brazilian style, and the movements are combined with Brazilian war dances. The sound effects include tambourines used by traditional Brazilian tribes. Parrots from the Brazilian rainforest are added as interactive partners. If you receive it for free during the event, congratulations to Zero Krypton players for adding a free game to their inventory. Premium skin.

The new epic focuses on skills and actions

The modeling and special effects have been exposed on the Internet. Players should not expect too much. The overall production is not as gorgeous as expected, but the designers pay more attention to the skills and movements of the skin. It has purple light effects and a full sense of impact. The target will be knocked away. Some of the parrot's feathers fall off, and passive combat partners feed Xiaoman snacks to restore health.

The biggest highlight of the skin is that all skills and actions have been redone. The combo will show Ji Xiaoman’s action of clapping the tambourine. Generally, this configuration will only appear in legendary or S+ level skins. Xiaoman is new to the game and is the first epic launched as a new hero. This kind of treatment can be said to be full of sincerity. It seems that the planners intend to promote her popularity. The specific feel of the skin can only be experienced after it is installed on the official server. Players should wait patiently.