Celtics continue to recruit talent, sign undrafted Reeves to training camp contract

2022-10-11 13:00

Celtics continue to recruit talent, sign undrafted Reeves to training camp contract

According to a report by NBA reporter Adam Zagoria, the Boston Celtics are still recruiting talent in training camp before the start of the NBA's 2022-2023 regular season, and today will be a training camp contract (Exhibit-10 contract) Signed 23-year-old guard A.J. Reeves .

Reeves played for the Providence Friars men's basketball team in college. In his final season, he had an overall shooting percentage of 36.1% and an efficient three-point shooting percentage of 35.4%. He was rated as a four-star rookie in the university .

But because the guard's shooting percentage was lower than his outside shooting rate, he was ultimately not selected by the team in this year's NBA draft, and then he signed a contract with the Celtics to play in Las Vegas. In the summer league, and scored 4.5 points and 1.5 rebounds in only 10 minutes per game.

Reeves now has a chance to compete for a spot on the roster this season and will play his biggest role in convincing the Celtics to sign him when the Celtics face the Toronto Raptors on Saturday.

Because under the terms of the training camp contract, the team can convert the player's contract to a two-way contract and play no more than 50 NBA games before the first day of the regular season against the Philadelphia 76ers next Wednesday.

Based on the Celtics' recent abandonment of 22-year-old forward Luka Samanic, the current roster has a total of 19, which is one place short of the 20-place lineup limit. And Reeves is likely to get the last spot before the regular season starts, splitting time between the NBA and the G League this season.

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