Chelsea owner Todd Boehly reportedly arranged RB Leipzig's Christopher Nkunku to undergo a secret examination ahead of potential transfer..

2022-09-30 19:40

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly reportedly arranged RB Leipzig

German publication BILD brought exclusive news on Friday that RB Leipzig's France international striker Christopher Nkunku had a medical examination in secret last week. Next, as long as his transfer fee and contract details are finalized, Chelsea can officially announce that Nkunku will join the club next summer.

According to reports, as early as the beginning of this month (September 2022), Chelsea had secretly arranged for Nkunku to undergo a medical examination in a Frankfurt hospital, and even the team's orthopaedic was present at the time, and this secret medical examination is said to be secretly arranged by the Blues' new American owner Todd Boehly.

Despite this, reports claim that Boehly has in fact actually have not reached an agreement with RB Leipzig on Nkunku's transfer fee and contract details. It is reported that Chelsea are only willing to pay Nkunku £52.8 million, but the Bundesliga side insists on asking for £60 million plus additional add-on before they are willing to consider selling Nkunku.

In addition, the report also believes that Boehly’s move is not only to strengthen the club's striking department, but also to signal the message that Chelsea will not fall behind in terms reinforcing with superstar forwards after missing Robert Lewandowski and Erling Håland.

The 24-year-old Nkunku had a breakout campaign last season where he had made 52 appearances in all competitions for RB Leipzig, scoring 35 goals and assisted 20 times, attracting the attention of many big clubs, especially Manchester United.

Actually the arrangement is problematic

Although this transfer seems very exciting, in fact however, Boehly's move has actually violated the relevant provisions of FIFA's transfer regulations.

According to Article 12 of the FIFA Transfer Regulations, any club and player shall not privately arrange a medical examination without having reached a transfer fee agreement, and attempt to do so without informing both clubs and their affiliated FA while undergoing such covert transfer arrangements is illegal.

In addition, because Boehly's move has violated Article 13 of the FIFA Transfer Regulations, which stipulate any transfer in any situation shall not be carried out without official authorization when the transfer window is closed, FIFA reserves the right to impose a 5 million Francs fine towards the Premier League giants due to Boehly's breach of relevant regulations, with a potential transfer ban on Chelsea for at least a year at any time.