Chelsea rumoured to be interested in Dumfries

2022-09-29 14:03

Chelsea rumoured to be interested in Dumfries

According to media reports, Premier League giants Chelsea may have plans to introduce 26-year-old Dumfries in the winter window. It is reported that Chelsea are preparing to negotiate with Inter Milan and hope to sign Dumfries from the Netherlands for a transfer fee of 50 million euros.

According to media reports, after signing Dumfries, Chelsea will also be willing to loan Dumfries back to Inter Milan for another half season. Dumfries officially joined Inter Milan on August 14, 2021, and found the opportunity to play in the team in a very short time, and became the core player of the Nerazzurri attacking on the wing. But in addition to Chelsea, another Premier League giant Manchester United is also interested in Dumfries.

Earlier, there were media reports that Suning Group had plans to sell Inter Milan . In addition, the transfer of Skriniar was unsuccessful. Therefore, in order to relieve the financial pressure of the club, Inter Milan may be willing to sell Dunver. Reese. If the deal can be reached, then Inter Milan will also be looking for a player who can replace Dumfries.

According to Italian media reports. The winger Cuadrado, who is currently playing for the Serie A giants Juventus, has a good chance of leaving at the end of this season. Since Cuadrado has only started one of the 8 games he has played for Juventus so far this season, and has yet to score a goal or assist, Juventus may let Cuadrado end his contract after the season ends. The departure of Rado also means that Inter Milan and Roma have the opportunity to introduce Cuadrado for free next year.

In addition, if Inter Milan can get 50 million euros in the Dumfries deal, then Inter Milan general manager Marotta may quickly help the team introduce Cuadrado.

Since Inter Milan had an affair with former Juventus player Dybala in the transfer market this summer, but Dybala eventually chose to join Roma, most Inter Milan will not waste a big deal in signing Cuadrado for free. Chance.