Climate change protester who tied himself to a goalpost during Everton's Premier League match against Newcastle United sentenced to 6-weeks in prison..

2022-10-02 19:48

Climate change protester who tied himself to a goalpost during Everton

Sky Sports reported on Saturday, citing the BBC and South Sefton Magistrates' Court, that the man who broke into Goodison Park pitch and protested against climate change by tying himself to a goalpost with metal zip-tie during Everton's home game against Newcastle United in the Premier League last season has been sentenced to six weeks in prison.

According to reports, the 21-year-old man named Louis McKechnie pleaded not guilty in court to the charge of aggravated trespassing, but the judge still found him guilty.

Lord Wendy Lloyd, the female judge on duty at the South Sefton Magistrates' Court in the case, said that when McKechnie defended himself in court, he said that he hoped to use practical actions to protest climate change and save tens of billions of people around the world by wearing an orange T-shirt which wrote "Just Stop Oil" while running into the stadium to tie himself.

Regarding McKechnie's behaviour, Lord Wendy said that the defendant's spirit in reducing climate change issue is commendable, but unfortunately it definitely was not in such a wrong way, especially to do it in a Premier League match which was broadcasted and was watched by the fans around the world.

In addition, according to a spokesman for the prosecution agency, the authorities had in fact prosecute McKechnie to assist in the investigation in July this year. At that time, the prosecution had also given him a fine of £50 for trespassing on the stadium or a one-day prison sentence as a substitute, a fine of £500 for disrupting social order and for being prosecuted and a three-year ban from all football matters.