Clippers' four starting veterans confirmed to miss preseason opener

2022-09-30 14:35

Clippers' four starting veterans confirmed to miss preseason opener

As the new NBA 2022-2023 season is about to start in October, all schedules have been set and announced, but in the preseason opener from the Los Angeles Clippers to Seattle, Clippers head coach Tyron Lue recently confirmed 4 Major players will miss the first game.

The Clippers have now spent 2 days of training in the fall training camp, but it is understood that the giant veteran Kawhi Leonard and 32-year-old guard John Wall, who have been injured for up to 2 years, have not participated in the process, allowing the outside world. Speculation on the preseason availability of these 2 veterans.

Wall, who missed last season with the Houston Rockets due to injury, signed a two-year, $13.2 million contract with the Clippers in free agency after reaching a buyout agreement with the team in the offseason. Leonard has not played in the NBA since he suffered an injury in June last year, and he was forced to be reimbursed for the entire season last season.

The 32-year-old giant veteran Paul George also played in only 31 games last season with inevitable injuries, averaging 24.3 points per game. Although the Clippers have confirmed that 3 veterans are about to return to the lineup for the new season, Leonard and Wall did not participate in training today.

Head coach Tyron Lue revealed that Leonard's injury is not a big problem, but the team hopes that the veteran can reduce the weight before the regular season in order to achieve the plan to recharge and face the regular season. It is reported that head coach Tyronn Lue has made it clear that Wall, Leonard, George and 32-year-old guard Reggie Jackson will be played in the Clippers' preseason game against Israeli men's basketball team Maccabi Leananna tomorrow in Seattle. Will not be with the team for the preseason opener.

The Clippers' starting lineup expected to play tomorrow includes 26-year-old guard Luke Kennard, 25-year-old forward Terrence Mann, 22-year-old center Moses Brown and 20-year-old rookie Brandon Boston Jr. They replaced the Giants veteran in the preseason opener.

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