Cooper extends contract with Nottingham Forest until 2025, breaking rumours of his dismissal

2022-10-08 10:32

Cooper extends contract with Nottingham Forest until 2025, breaking rumours of his dismissal

Premier League Nottingham Forest announced on Friday that it has extended manager Steve Cooper's contract until 2025. "We must focus on football," Nottingham Forest said in a statement.

"As a whole, we will give our all and do everything in our power to help the team move up the league table and once again demonstrate the qualities that propelled us to the Premier League last season."

Steve Cooper, 42, has worked for Liverpool youth, Liverpool U18, England U16, England U17, and Swansea City before coaching Nottingham Forest. In September 2021, Cooper succeeded Chris Hughton as Nottingham Forest manager, when the team finished bottom of the Championship with 7 games and 6 losses. Eight months later, Cooper's Forest returned to the Premier League after 24 years with a 1-0 victory over Huddersfield Town.

In the new season, although Nottingham Forest spent 150 million pounds for signings, the team has lost 7 games in a row in the first 8 rounds of the league, with only 2 points in the bottom position. It was previously reported that Marinakis was interested in sacking Cooper while withdrawing his contract extension with the Welshman. However, Marinakis broke all rumors with actual actions.

"It's a good thing that the renewal situation is clear," Cooper said in his pre-match conference against Aston Villa next week. "I've had to face a lot of questions about it in recent months. I guess it puts an end to all the questions."

"Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my time at Nottingham Forest and I think everyone knows how much this club means to me."

However, Cooper is more focused on the next game than a contract extension. "At this moment, winning a game is what I'm really focusing on right now," he said, "because we're in really bad shape right now. Let's not hide from this. There's only one thing on my mind, more than anything else. ."

"I'm more than happy to give my all for Nottingham's success and that's where my current state of mind is."