Danny Hay resigns as New Zealand coach

2022-10-12 14:50

Danny Hay resigns as New Zealand coach

New Zealand coach Danny Hay has decided to resign rather than reapply for his job following a review of the All Whites' failure to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.

Governing body New Zealand Football ( NZF ) said on Wednesday that Hay took over in 2019 and his term will end when his contract expires on October 31 .

" There is no doubt that he has played a key role in the development of the team during challenging times in international football, " New Zealand FA boss Andrew Planell said in a statement.

" While Danny has the opportunity to reapply for the position, we respect his decision not to come forward and wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do next. "


the wrong decision making

New Zealand striker Chris Wood said last month that the FA made a huge mistake in letting Hay go and the team wanted him to stay on.

Oceania has secured a spot in the expanded 48 -team North American World Cup in 2026 , and given New Zealand's dominance in the region, they will be very likely to reach the final within four years.