Don't expect the game to be smooth, the four supporters are a headache. (three)

2022-10-13 15:15

Don't expect the game to be smooth, the four supporters are a headache. (three)

Zhuang Zhou is one of the popular support options, but it has limited functions and high defense. It is certain to stand in the front row and take damage. In addition, it is free from control, so it will be more convenient for control heroes. The only disadvantage is to protect people. The ability is low. If the opponent is not controlled, it is basically useless. Zhuang Zhou is ready to be abused by his teammates.



The second selected hero is Mozi . Mozi was originally positioned as a mage and has many control skills. Compared with other conventional mid lane mage, he is weak and not enough for others to break out. Advantages, use it to play auxiliary, save time and effort, focus on controlling the enemy, launch artillery shells at a distance to consume blood, and have great skills to control close enemies in melee combat.

Mozi's second skill is "Mechanical Heavy Cannon". Mozi drives a mechanic to fire a cannonball, which explodes when it reaches the farthest point and hits the enemy, causing 525 spell damage and 1 second stun, and the bomb crater left after the explosion is every 0.5 seconds. Deals 50 spell damage. Mozi can be called a versatile hero. As long as he cooperates well with his teammates, he will be dizzy for one second, and his skill hit rate will soar.

Hundred Towers Hero, improve skill hit rate

For example, Mozi and Baili keep the promise, because the enemy will not stand in the same place stupidly. When a target is shot, let Mozi fire a cannonball first, and then refill the bullet after being stunned.

In addition, it can also be used to match Angela, Mo Xie, etc. After being controlled by Mozi, and then control it a second time, the hit rate of the remaining skills is 100%. This is the advantage of carrying Mozi around and improving skills. hit rate. Skills can also be used to target highly mobile heroes, specifically interrupting enemy movement skills and disrupting the rhythm of battle.

As for the ultimate skill, it is suitable for heroes with range damage, Wang Zhaojun 's ultimate move, Ice Cannon, even if her second skill fails to freeze the enemy, but there is Mozi's ultimate move as a substitute to ensure that the enemy stays within the range of the spell. The disadvantage of this skill is probably that it occasionally leads to heroic sacrifices. Sometimes after helping teammates control the enemy, they are concerned about running for their lives. Mozi lacks flash and displacement, and there is no way to leave the field. If they are beaten by the group, they will definitely be sent to Huangquan.