Don't expect the game to be smooth, the four supporters are a headache. (two)

2022-10-13 15:12

Don't expect the game to be smooth, the four supporters are a headache. (two)

Donghuang Taiyi 's suppression ability cannot be ignored. No one dares to approach him, whether it is a tank, an assassin or a crispy back row. Just like Zhang Liang's big move skills, the success rate of catching people is as high as 100%, and the ability to start is extremely strong.

Not only that, in the early stage, the Eastern Emperor can summon a dark energy body, and after surrounding himself, run to the enemy's wild area to counter the wild, constantly recovering blood, and constantly causing damage. The more enemies approach, the more HP will be recovered. To kill it, you must Find a hero with long-range output, but when you knock him back, focus on him, maybe the other side of the jungle has already been cleared by assassins.

Don't panic, these three supporters have all been sent to the restricted area by the player, so you don't have to worry about running into them in the game, unless your teammates don't ban, unfortunately, you are in trouble. The most threatening support hero has the highest ban rate, but it does not mean other supports. The combat and support capabilities are nine-tiered. The so-called back waves push the front waves. Players must find more powerful supports to replace these four banned supports, and other heroes rise because of this. Zhuang Zhou, Mo Zi, Sun Bin, and Cai Wenji are on the list, becoming the new four major headache assistants in the canyon.

Zhuang Zhou

Classified as an assistant, Zhuang Zhou has a lot of supernatural powers, his main function is to release control, and he enters a control-free state every six seconds. With him, the control-type mage will be useless. Change from auxiliary equipment to output equipment and eat it alive The mermaid roamed around in the canyon, and the ultimate skill gave teammates a shield to remove negative effects, and team battles would definitely come in handy.

His strength is hard to say, it depends on the enemy's lineup. If he fights heroes with a lot of control and leaves it to the fifth floor to choose Zhuang Zhou, then the advantage will be won. In contrast to explosive heroes, Zhuang Zhou's big move shield is not very flattering. , the ability to protect people is too low, and the effect of avoiding control is not large, because other people's gameplay is instant kill, so that Crispy has no backhand power, one hit is a hit, and one second ends.

Play Zhuang Zhou, don't choose the first floor first, the whole world knows that there is a master of control removal, and the lineup will be changed soon, take a poke hero, such as Mo Xie, the general, throwing flying swords in the distance, just fighting a war of attrition , I want you to keep going home to replenish blood, uncontrollable and exempt from control, it is useless at all.