Dortmund have begun talks with Bellingham over a salary increase

2022-10-05 14:17

Dortmund have begun talks with Bellingham over a salary increase

Dortmund midfielder Bellingham has recently been surrounded by various transfer rumors. German media Sport1 revealed that Dortmund has begun to discuss with him about a contract extension and a salary increase.

Dortmund and team reporter Patrick Berger said on the program that many clubs are now paying attention to Bellingham . Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, all have entered the fray, but it is far from negotiating exact matters. Patrick Berger also said that Dortmund did not give Bellingham a clear price tag. If they were to let Bellingham go in a transfer, the price would surely exceed 100 million euros.

Patrick Berger said that Dortmund is doing all they can to keep Bellingham. "Their plan is to increase the player 's current salary of 4 million euros in the near future. There have been talks, and Dortmund is working hard." It has also been used on Sancho, Haaland, Aubameyang, Lewandowski and other players before.

Another Dortmund team member, Oliver Müller , also said that Bellingham has a very serious attitude, especially when it comes to his career and employers. He's not thinking about a possible move to the Premier League at some point, he's just focusing on Dortmund for now. His attitude of absorbing everything he knows about the club is likeable, as this is not often seen with top international talent.