Europa League - 3-0 win over Bodo Arsenal to win 4 consecutive victories in all competitions

2022-10-07 08:29

Europa League - 3-0 win over Bodo Arsenal to win 4 consecutive victories in all competitions

The third round of the UEFA Europa League group stage in the 2022/23 season ushered in a focus game. The Premier League giants Arsenal at home relied on the goals of Nketiah and Holding, and Jesus assisted Vieille. After breaking the goal, they finally defeated Norway's Bodo 3-0.

In the 9th minute of the battle, Tierney returned from an inverted triangle from the left bottom line. Nketia returned and passed to the middle of the penalty area. Then Fabio Vieira followed up with a volley but hit The post pops up.

In the 23rd minute of the battle, Arsenal counterattacked from the frontcourt. Martinelli fell to the ground when pressing in the middle but sent the ball obliquely in time. Tierney shot forward from the left but hit the post, but Nketi failed. Ya seized the opportunity to fill the ball into the empty goal to help Arsenal take the lead 1-0.

In the 27th minute, Arsenal took a corner kick in the frontcourt. After the header from the first point was pushed to the right side of the frontcourt, Fabio Vieira calmly kept the ball and passed the ball to the goal. Holding followed up. Then he hit the goal with a header and helped Arsenal continue to lead Bodo 2-0.

Xhaka gets yellow card warning

In the 38th minute, Pellegrino took a cross from his teammate from the right side of the top of the arc, and then took a long shot but missed, making Bodo miss a big opportunity to score. In the 41st minute, Xhaka blocked the ball with his hand after falling to the ground while defending in midfield, and then the referee on duty showed Xhaka a yellow card.

In the 56th minute of the second half, Muuka made a cross from the right to the penalty area. After Witlersen's shot was blocked at the first point, Pellegrino continued to try to shoot but was saved by Arsenal goalkeeper Turner. In the 76th minute, Odegaard sent a through ball, and Nketia followed up from the middle and entered the penalty area to form a single-handed shot but kicked it away.

In the 85th minute, Jesus used his personal skills to enter the penalty area and then crossed two players in succession. He returned to the front and back of the goal with an inverted triangle. Fabio Vieira seized the opportunity and scored a hard shot, helping Arsenal to beat the goal. 3 to 0 to expand the lead.

In the end, Arsenal maintained the score of 3-0 until the end of the game, and also achieved 4 consecutive victories in various important competitions.