Europa League - Dybala scored a goal Roma still lost to Real Betis 1-2

2022-10-07 10:20

Europa League - Dybala scored a goal  Roma still lost to Real Betis 1-2

In the 2022/23 UEFA Europa League group stage group C, a focus competition was launched. The Serie A giants Roma, who were at home, took the lead with Dybala’s goals, but were overtaken by their opponents with 2 goals. , and was eventually reversed by the La Liga team Real Betis 1-2.

At the beginning of the campaign, the offensive performance of both sides was remarkable. Canales shot in front of the penalty area in the 7th minute and was confiscated by the opponent's goalkeeper. In the 20th minute, Roma got a free kick in the frontcourt and was knocked out when they drove to the penalty area. Then Zaniolo got the ball and directly attacked the goal but kicked it away.

In the 34th minute of the battle, a Real Betis player touched the ball with his hand in the penalty area. When the referee looked back at VAR, he awarded a penalty kick. Then Dybala made the penalty and helped Roma lead 1-0.

Roma can't lose again in the next round

However, when the game went to the 39th minute, Enrique made a good pass, and Guido Rodriguez broke the goal and helped Real Betis to tie the score 1-1. In the 44th minute, Roma made a pass from the right. Zaniolo tried to shoot but hit the post and popped out. Then Dybala volleyed and was bravely resolved by the opponent's goalkeeper Bravo.

In the second half, in order to achieve the go-ahead Roma stepped up the offensive. In the 50th minute of the battle, Abraham tried a barb shot in the penalty area and could not pose a threat, and then Cristante's close-range shot was blocked by Bravo.

In the 70th minute, Roma got a free kick in the frontcourt, but Dybala hit the wall when he took the penalty, which made the team lose a great opportunity to overtake the score, and Zaniolo's shot in the 83rd minute was also released. Laver fell to the ground and confiscated.

In the 87th minute, Real Betis sent a high ball from the left, and then Enrique hit the goal with a header. In the end, Roma, who played at home, had no choice but to be beaten by Real Betis 1-2.

At present, Roma is only 3rd in the group standings, and the chances of winning the first place have become even more slim. If they cannot win the next round away against Real Betis, then Roma will bid farewell to this season's Europa League ahead of schedule.