Europa League - McTominay helps Manchester United beat Omonia 1-0 despite many missed scoring opportunities

2022-10-14 08:22

Europa League - McTominay helps Manchester United beat Omonia 1-0 despite many missed scoring opportunities

In the 2022/23 UEFA Europa League Group E, the fourth round of the competition began. Manchester United at Old Trafford relied on McTominay in the final stage of the game after losing many scoring opportunities. Scored the lore goal and finally defeated Omonia 1-0, achieving a 3-game winning streak.

Three minutes into the game, Manchester United took a left corner kick, and Rashford suddenly shot near the penalty area, but the ball was saved by the opponent's goalkeeper. In the 11th minute, Malaysia crossed from the left, and Rashford followed up in the penalty area and the goal was blocked by the defender.

In the 22nd minute, Manchester United organized a counterattack opportunity. Cristiano Ronaldo, who had recently reached the milestone of 700 goals in his club career, scored the ball from Omonia. Bruno Fernandez immediately followed up and crossed to the left. Rashford After Germany got the ball, the shot was blocked. In the 32nd minute, Bruno Fernandez made a cross, Casemiro shot a long shot from outside the penalty area but hit the post and popped out.

In the 41st minute, Omonia ushered in a chance to counterattack. Bruno Sosa got the ball from the left and crossed Lindelof's defense and shot into the penalty area from a small angle but slightly higher.

Manchester United finish 2nd in the group standings

At the beginning of the second half, Rashford successfully intercepted the ball and sent an oblique pass. After Anthony on the right followed up, the push was saved by the Omonia goalkeeper, and then Rashford's supplementary shot was also saved. In the 58th minute, Manchester United got a good corner kick and was cleared when Cristiano Ronaldo was fighting for the top near the small penalty area. Then Casemiro also sent an oblique pass, and Rashford pushed from the left but missed.

In the 63rd minute, Luke Shaw, who came on as a substitute, got the ball from the left and then crossed it. Sancho received the ball and made a cross. Bruno Fernandes shot higher in the penalty area, making Manchester United lose a big chance to score again. In the 67th minute, Ronaldo made an oblique pass at the top of the arc. Rashford volleyed the goal from the left but missed, but then Manchester United took a corner kick and hit the defender's hand, but the referee on duty decided that a penalty kick was unnecessary. .

In the 82nd minute, Bruno Fernandez created a chance from the middle. McTominay shot from the top of the arc and was blocked. Then Rashford made a cross from the left. McTominay shot from outside the penalty area but missed too high. The game came to stoppage time in the second half. Sancho received the ball from the penalty area and then sent a cross. McTominay took the opportunity and hit a low shot to help Manchester United take the lead 1-0.

In the end, with the lore goal contributed by McTominay, Manchester United defeated Omonia 1-0 and currently ranks second in the group standings with a score of 3 wins and 1 loss.