Former Manchester United assistant Carrick expected to coach Middlesbrough in Championship

2022-10-09 11:54

Former Manchester United assistant Carrick expected to coach Middlesbrough in Championship

According to recent British media reports, former Manchester United assistant coach Michael Carrick is one of the new coaching candidates for Middlesbrough in the Championship, and the two sides are expected to have face-to-face talks next week.

Due to Middlesbrough's poor performance this season, current manager Chris Wilder was sacked by the team this week.

According to sources, Middlesbrough prefers to hire a young manager who specializes in the competitive part rather than the overall control of the team, and the 41-year-old Carrick is a candidate for the new coach of Middlesbrough.

Carrick was once the star of Manchester United and played 316 games on behalf of Manchester United. However, at the age of 37, Carrick entered the twilight of his career and finally announced at Manchester United in 2018 that he officially hung up his boots and ended his career as a player. .

However, Carrick didn't leave football just yet. He returned to Manchester United after retiring to join the coaching team under the coach Jose Mourinho, until 2021, after serving as the interim coach and staying until another interim coach Lan Licker took office, Fang resigned from Manchester United. job title.

However, Manchester United did not have significant performance and achievements under the command of Carrick that season, and it can even be said that the situation is getting worse. I believe that Carrick needs to be convincing in terms of coaching strength before trying to coach Middlesbrough.

It is reported that another new coach candidate for Midu Tubao is former Premier League coach Rob Edwards.

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