Former Manchester United defender Smalling is highly regarded to extend Roma contract until 2024

2022-10-04 14:01

Former Manchester United defender Smalling is highly regarded to extend Roma contract until 2024

Following last weekend's 32-year-old defender Chris Smalling scored the winning goal for Roma in the eighth round of Serie A as they beat Inter Milan 2-1 and cemented Roma's place in the top six of the Serie A table. The record has also raised hopes of competing for the top spot in Serie A, bringing an end to a brilliant start to the season.

Before joining Roma , Smalling played for Manchester United in the Premier League for 10 years, contributing more than 12 goals in 206 games and helping Manchester United win the English League Cup, FA Cup and Europa League. He also won 2 Premier League titles and 3 England Community Shields.

However, as the 32-year-old Smalling has entered the twilight of his career, Manchester United has gradually begun to abandon him and loaned him to Roma in 2019. A year later, Smalling also officially left the team and moved to Roma potency.

Now Roma has a stable start record with 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss and remains in the top 6 of Serie A. It also needs to be attributed to Smalling's key attack.

Smalling has contributed 2 key goals for Roma since the start of the season. Smalling has also become an important defender role in Roma coach Jose Mourinho's lineup by virtue of his efficient performance. Revive his troubled football career.

Favored by Roma coach Jose Mourinho

Although Smalling was abandoned by Manchester United in the Premier League , the veteran became an excellent leader after joining Rome. favor.

Mourinho believes that Smalling perfectly solved the relatively young and inexperienced central defender in the Roma lineup, played a very important leadership role, and helped the entire team maintain a hope of stability.

And Roma teammates have also shown that Smalling is the best reference point in the organization, whether in the locker room or on the field, is an irreplaceable veteran, he can teach inexperienced defenders how to use tactical skills, It also boosted team morale.

It is reported that Smalling's contract with Roma will expire at the end of this season, but the contract also includes an automatic extension until 2024, which is expected to be exercised by Roma coach Jose Mourinho. Make sure Smalling stays with Roma next season.

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