Glory of Kings: Rare skins of the canyon, nowhere to be seen in qualifying

2023-06-04 14:43

Glory of Kings: Rare skins of the canyon, nowhere to be seen in qualifying

Talking about the rare skins of Glory of Kings , players must first think of the out-of-print skins of the canyon, such as Arthur’s Lion King. This skin is out of print and has not returned to the game so far, and there are no other channels to obtain it. Miss it or miss it Yes, it is an exclusive skin for old players. It will be launched in the S3 season, and you will get it for free if you reach gold.

In addition to Arthur 's skin, did you know that the hero Irene is also a rare item? He was a shooter who was taken off the shelves before, but was planned to be redone later. After going online, he became a popular figure, but there are very few skin options, only Valkyrie, and he needs to exchange 150 Rose Hearts at the Treasure Pavilion. Legendary skins that are limited to sale are not rare. After all, there is always a chance of returning. As long as the popularity is high, they will always return in various forms, direct sales or event prayers.

Rare skins refer to the skins owned by a small number of players. Rare skins mean skins that do not appear in the game very often. Some skins are not rare and have a very high retention rate. I haven't shown up once in several seasons, I don't know if I thought it was an outdated skin.

Wu Zetian is undefeated in the East

Wu Zetian is a rare hero. After all, he has to spend a Glory Crystal to redeem it. The price is tens of thousands of coupons. Unfortunately, the strength is limited, the casting time is too long, the backswing is too much, and the data is mediocre. Players would rather spend the crystal on the Glory Collection skin . It's not surprising that heroes don't often appear in qualifying matches, and the skin appearance rate is low, but all players who use Wu Zetian wear the heart of the ocean skin, and Dongfang Bubai is really eliminated.

Talking about Dongfang Invincible, players who grew up watching Hong Kong movies will think of Brigitte Lin who disguised herself as a man, holding a silver needle in her valiant and heroic appearance. The style was all the rage back then, and the official also launched the same skin. The quality is brave, and the appearance is somewhat imitated Composition, a little less handsome, giving the impression that it is only domineering. Think about how long you haven't seen this skin, is it a rare skin? no.

The price is 888 coupons, and the number of possessions is definitely not low. Even if you are willing to buy a hero with tens of thousands, then you can simply match it with a more expensive skin. This is the consumption mentality of krypton gold bosses.