Haaland as lobbyist, Manchester City's chances of signing Bellingham greatly increase

2022-09-29 14:49

Haaland as lobbyist, Manchester City's chances of signing Bellingham greatly increase

According to Moore Sports, Manchester City overtook Real Madrid to take the lead in the battle for Jude Bellingham .

Haaland has contacted his former Dortmund team-mate Bellingham in hopes of joining City next summer. Under Haaland's influence, Manchester City 's chances of signing the talented 19-year-old midfielder have greatly increased.

After Dortmund sold the likes of Dembele, Aubameyang, Pulisic, Sancho and Haaland, Bellingham is now the next big sell. Bellingham is currently valued at as high as 90 million euros. His current contract expires in 2025, and he will have two years left in the contract next summer, which is a good time to sell at a high price.

Since joining Dortmund in the summer of 2019, Bellingham has made 100 appearances in all competitions , scoring 13 goals and providing 18 assists . The performance in the Champions League is even better, scoring 4 goals and 4 assists in 18 games , and scoring 2 goals against Manchester City 3 times , so Manchester City is very interested in him.

However, the competition is very fierce. The closest thing to him before Real Madrid, Florentino is very keen to replace Modric with him, and Bellingham himself is also very interested in joining Real Madrid. However, the situation has changed now. Manchester City striker Haaland has become a lobbyist for Manchester City, hoping that Bellingham can join Manchester City next year and continue to be his partner.

Bellingham joined Dortmund from Birmingham in July 2019 , while Haaland moved to Dortmund in the winter window that season. Although there are not many direct connections between the two, the cooperation between the two complements each other and they are very satisfied with each other. Returning to the Premier League is a good choice for Bellingham, who was born in the United Kingdom. If Manchester City and Real Madrid are about the same offer, Manchester City has a good chance of signing Bellingham.