I regret the last World Cup captain Lewandowski in his career: Poland has tried its best

2022-12-05 13:51

I regret the last World Cup captain Lewandowski in his career: Poland has tried its best

In the round of 16 knockout round of the Qatar World Cup today, the Polish team lost to the French team 1-3 and missed the top 8 of the World Cup. And it is undeniable that this will also be the last World Cup in the career of 34-year-old Robert Lewandowski, the Polish captain and marksman, which makes fans feel sorry.

Hint at possible farewell to international competition

Considering that Lewandowski is 38 years old in the next World Cup in 2026, it is unlikely to participate in the next World Cup . In this regard, Lewandowski refused to give a clear answer, only to say that he may end his international career because of problems other than his body.

Lewandowski said bluntly, "In terms of sports, my physical condition will not be my biggest consideration, but the people or things that happen around me. These are more likely to have an impact, making this time my last. So now It's hard for me to give a definitive answer to that."

Lewandowski is an outstanding striker whether in the national team or in the club. He has been the top scorer, player and individual goals in a single game for many times, and he is also the best striker and player in Europe. He also won the honor last year. He has won the European Golden Boot and the Golden Globe Award for Best Forward of the Year, and has made countless great achievements.

However, the marksman did not score a goal in the World Cup, which is one of his regrets. Finally, he scored a goal in the group stage of his second World Cup journey in his career, and scored a penalty kick in today's knockout match, marking the end of his second World Cup journey.

I regret the last World Cup captain Lewandowski in his career: Poland has tried its best

"Poland did its best in this World Cup"

Lewandowski said that the game was impeccable, because you can see the Polish team going all out. Although the offensive opportunities were created and the defense was full of energy, the opponent was too strong and was caught in the position of the defense line. In the end, we were unable to break through even when we conceded the goal.

Although the Polish team is out today, Lewandowski still believes that this is a successful World Cup for the Polish team. After all, the positive performance of all members is obvious to all.

Lewandowski also added, "No matter how difficult the Polish team faces in the next World Cup or what the result is, what we need most is the fun of the game. We will continue to appear in the next World Cup to further achieve our goals. Just like this World Cup."

I regret the last World Cup captain Lewandowski in his career: Poland has tried its best

"Without Lewandowski, Poland cannot get here"

Meanwhile, Poland coach Czeslaw Michniewicz also opened up about Lewandowski's situation at the World Cup. He understands that apart from Lewandowski, the Polish team currently has no players who can reach a high level in the European war, which makes it difficult for the captain to show himself while taking care of it.

Mihnevich also added, "Adding the top players like Messi, Ronaldo and Mbappe in the World Cup, it is inevitable that there will be a gap in level. However, even if Lewandowski is in a difficult situation , It does not mean that he cannot score goals for the country, and he has also proved this to the World Cup.

I believe that Lewandowski has the ability to lead the Polish team again in future international competitions, and continue to serve as the captain of Poland in the 2024 European Cup in Germany or the 2026 World Cup. "