If you want to make a comeback against the wind, you must first look at these conditions.

2022-10-04 15:28

If you want to make a comeback against the wind, you must first look at these conditions.

As an e-sports mobile game, the popularity of King of Glory has not decreased but increased, and the number of novice players is increasing. MOBA games do not focus on any story line or world exploration. Teams play games and enter the game. There is only one purpose, then It's about winning in the end and enjoying that honor. E-sports games, of course, inevitably have competition elements. The comparison between players is the technique and operation. Don’t forget that it is also a five-player game, not your personal show, so teamwork is very important.

Although every player tries their best to play the game , many times the game is not going well. In the face of headwinds, the economy and level are greatly behind, and the game experience is extremely poor. , I have been defending with a group, I really want to click to surrender, I would rather fight in the next game, why continue to waste time in this seemingly lost game, a game about 30 minutes, hard defense, and finally lost , what's the point?

The team with the wind has robbed the wild area, and the number of people will not be finished. Maybe the game will be over in less than 10 minutes, and a star can be easily obtained. Don’t you feel that this game is not challenging? Competitive games, it is more fun to give the enemy who mistakenly believe that they will win, lose the game, and want to drop the phone in anger. The headwind game is frustrating, but it may not be lost. As long as you find the right way to turn the game against the wind, you will have a more sense of accomplishment than pushing the tower down the wind. What is the secret of turning the head against the wind? Now let's discuss them one by one.

Mindset is the secret to victory

Mentality is everything, although everyone says that the game is purely entertainment, if you want to blame yourself, you can blame yourself for getting into an e-sports game. If you lose the game, no one will be happy. Everyone is mentally unbalanced. When you enter the game and see yourself being beaten and abused, there is no game experience at all, being suppressed by the enemy, harvesting wildly, and the defensive towers being pushed down one after another. This is the time to test the player's mentality the most.

I can't even find the fun of playing games, and my attitude naturally becomes negative. I just want to play casually, I hope it will end soon, stop being an eyesore, and have enough of this cruel treatment. Before the game is over, you should give up first. This kind of mentality cannot be had. Are there other conditions for a turnaround? Friends who want to know remember to continue to follow 77577 Sports , and we will continue to discuss it in the next article.