If you want to make a comeback against the wind, you need to look at these conditions first. (two)

2022-10-05 15:36

If you want to make a comeback against the wind, you need to look at these conditions first. (two)

Jedi Survival, Adversity Survive, How do you know that you will lose if you don't try it? No one will be unhappy in the headwind game, as long as they don’t give up on themselves, firmly believe that they can turn losses into victory, trust their teammates, find a way to drag it out to the late stage, tie the economy, occasionally encourage teammates, cooperate to defend the tower together, wait for the enemy lineup to make mistakes, the timing is right Then, you can destroy the dough, and then push it all the way to the crystal.

In fact, the so-called headwind situation is just that the economy of the two sides is too far apart. Players should understand that there is no economy and no harm. The economic growth is slow, and it is suppressed by the enemy. If the output is not enough, when the economy of the two sides is close to each other, the dawn will be seen, and the probability of a comeback will be greatly improved.

Often the dominant side tends to feel swollen, starts to wave everywhere, keeps grabbing people, harvesting heads, even pushing the tower together, remembering that it is on fire, can't wait to push the crystal, and even plans to jump over the tower to kill anyone on the opposite side. Survive and continue to defend the line. Who knows that mistakes were made in the process. In the case of high-value attacks from the defense tower and encountering control skills, they were accidentally killed one by one, and it was too late to escape. Group, the assassin goes to get the dragon, and the shooter goes to push the tower. see it? It will not be too difficult to come back against the wind, and the mentality is better.

Understanding Hero Power Periods

The gameplay of each hero is different from the strong period. For example, Dong Huang Taiyi, Pei Zhanhu and Baili Keep the promise, etc., have high strength in the early stage and are suitable for anti-wild buffs. In the first five to ten minutes, kill more opponents as soon as possible. , suppress the development of the opposite side, push down the defense tower of the development road, push it in a group, and then occupy the wild area, continue to develop, and then continue to push to the crystal.

On the other hand, for a lineup with a low strength period in the early stage, it is necessary to avoid fighting more, run away if you can’t beat it, and develop vulgarly, try to delay it until the late stage, and a lineup that turns against the wind, most heroes’ strong period falls in the late stage, and waits for more than ten minutes to pass. Only began to deal considerable damage, output burst.

If you want to make a comeback against the wind and ensure that your lineup has a "big core", such as Sun Shangxiang, Gan Jiang Mo Xie , Jia Luo, etc., the intensity in the later stage is particularly high, then what you need to do in the early and mid-term is to protect these heroes. Give it to them, and lead the team to come back against the wind in the later stage.