In the production of mermaid heroes and skins, will Mozi cooperate with Sanxingdui?

2022-12-15 14:43

In the production of mermaid heroes and skins, will Mozi cooperate with Sanxingdui?

The King of Glory S29 season has come to the end of the season. With three weeks left, the season will end. The game will usher in a major update again. The S30 season is coming, officially bidding farewell to the year of Qianseyunzhong, and a new year will start in 2023. It is said that the theme will be the sea. Combining all the current heroes in the canyon, Tianmei has not tried to launch any mermaid heroes or mermaid-like shapes so far. Will summoners welcome heroes and skins with mermaid elements next year?

Diao Chan mermaid skin

According to bloggers, the king is making a skin with mermaid elements. Netizens speculate that the skin will belong to Diao Chan , because the official video released at the co-creation night shows the figure of a mermaid with a blue-green hue. The skin will be given to Yang Yuhuan, but Diao Chan has the highest probability.

In the near future, news about the mage 's new skin has continued to spread. The design theme and shape are all related to mermaids. Blue hair color, two mermaids floating under the sleeves, purple-blue clothing, special effects with coral and jellyfish And other elements, I believe that the quality is very likely to be a legend, and it cannot be ruled out that it will be the skin of the same series as Wu Zetian's "Heart of the Ocean".

In order to fit the theme of the next competition year, the launch date of this new skin is just around the corner, and it is estimated that it will be available in March. In addition to the mermaid skin, there is also a mermaid hero with a female role, a new character in Haidu. The glory of the king in 2023 is really exciting. After the release of the big-budget movies "Black Panther 2" and "Avatar 2", even E-sports games also take players to the underwater world to explore new cities hidden in the deep sea.

Mozi new linkage

The new skin on Friday this week is still a mystery. At present, we can only confirm that the skin will belong to Mozi , which is of epic quality. The bronze weapon in his hand, the shape and special effect elements must be related to the statue. Netizens speculate that it may be a Sanxingdui culture. Linkage skin, because the official statement has been issued before, saying that it will start linkage with Sanxingdui, but there has been no movement. Is it possible that this week finally ushered in Mozi's linkage skin?

In addition, following the launch of limited skins, the official will prepare to bombard legendary quality skins in the mall, such as Yu Ji's Valentine's Day skin, Lu Bu's FMVP skin, Wu Zetian, Han Xin, Gan Jiang Moxie, Charlotte, Jia Luo, Yun Sakura has been revealed to have won the legend, and the specific skin information is yet to be confirmed.