Inzaghi says the Champions League final is a great opportunity for Inter to write history

2023-06-10 12:25

Inzaghi says the Champions League final is a great opportunity for Inter to write history

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi said it would be a "big opportunity" in the club's history to beat Manchester City in Istanbul's Ataturk Olympic Stadium on Saturday.

While aware that Pep Guardiola 's side will come out as strong favorites, Inzaghi urged his players to take their chances, with Inter Milan last winning the title under Jose Mourinho in 2010.

Inzaghi said: "There is no doubt that this is a great opportunity for Inter Milan to write history. We know how difficult the game will be, and unity is the key word. We will work together to create history."

Erling Haaland has scored 12 goals for City in 35 appearances this season , including 12 in the Champions League . Inzaghi said: "We know how strong Manchester City is, Haaland is a great player and we will pay special attention to him. We have a strategy, I have tactics ready, but the whole Inter Milan will not just Try to limit Haaland, but the whole Manchester City team."

He continued: "We know what kind of games to expect, we know what we're going to do. City are probably the best team in the world at the moment. They've barely lost a few games, but we've got a lot of confidence in our game. The performance in the Champions League is conscious and we will do our best. We cannot make any mistakes."

Hakan Calhanoglu, who is expected to start for Inter Milan, was born in Germany but chose to play for the Turkish national team due to his family background. Ilkay Gundogan was also born in Germany and has Turkish ancestry. He played for the German national team. Calhanoglu said the Turks probably preferred him to win the final over Gundogan.

Calhanoglu: "I like Ilkay, I respect him a lot. I respect his decision to play for Germany. I know it is very important for the two Turks to play in this final. I know the Turks Will support me. Maybe it's important for my people that I win the game."