Jennie's appeal is huge, and a MV jersey affects Manchester United's stock price? (two)

2022-10-04 15:34

Jennie's appeal is huge, and a MV jersey affects Manchester United's stock price? (two)

BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA! Black and pink are rampant, and even football fans are attracted by their new song MV, so they come here, click on the video, just to see Jennie's Manchester United jersey.

The fan group watched the music video just to listen to the idol's new song, and with the appearance of Meiku, the more they watched, the more they liked it, but the football fans focused on Jennie's Premier League Manchester United jersey.

A new song, I didn't think it would make a lot of noise, but it's just a jersey. It also divided Blinks into two factions. As a Manchester United supporter, I must be very happy to see my idol wearing the Manchester United jersey. I hurriedly searched the Internet. This jersey, let's see how much the price is, I hope I will wear the same jersey as Jennie.

If you like BLACKPINK, a popular Korean girl group, and you are also a football fan, you may be heartbroken and feel a little disappointed, thinking, "So Jennie is a Manchester United fan?"

It is reported that after wealthy businessman Elon Musk bought the Manchester United team, the stock price rose immediately. Who knew that after the launch of the MV, the stock price of Manchester United rose again. Football fans who are not familiar with the Korean Wave were astonished, so they were curious to check the origin of BLACKPINK.

Businesses have to spend money to buy teams, and idols can change into jerseys, which has a huge influence. Even the foreign media "EuroWeekly News" joked in the report, saying, "Elon Music step aside, only Jennie can save Manchester United's future. "