Klopp: The team's defensive ability needs to be more stable

2022-10-09 11:42

Klopp: The team's defensive ability needs to be more stable

Although they won the runner-up in the Premier League last season with outstanding performance, Liverpool have experienced many challenges since the beginning of this season. Currently, they have only achieved 2 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss in the league. Coach Klopp said that Liverpool need to be more consistent in their defensive performance, and the way to do this at the moment is to play with all their strength.

Liverpool will go to the Emirates Stadium in this round of the Premier League to challenge Arsenal, the "Gunner" who has performed very well recently. And coach Klopp also talked about Liverpool's defensive performance in the pre-match press conference.

'We have to become more unpredictable'

He said that the team needs to maintain consistency, and to do that, it needs to go to great lengths to defend. Klopp said, "I can't accept that the team's defense is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I need the team to be in good shape until I think they are doing well enough."

Because the defense is always not ideal during the game, Liverpool has been conceding goals in all games this season, and the players and Klopp have been criticized. Liverpool lost 1-4 to Serie A giants Napoli in the Champions League group stage earlier, and they were drawn 3-3 by Brighton in the last round of the league. In the end, Klopp chose to change his strategy to deal with the game, and beat Rangers without conceding a goal in the Champions League group stage in midweek, and Arnold, who had been criticized before, also responded to the voice of doubt with a goal.

Klopp also said, "We have different tactics to use, and we certainly don't want it to become too complicated, but different systems will produce different things, so we have room to choose different tactics to face different opponents. Of course, we have to become more unpredictable.”