Laporta on De Jong's lucrative pay, Griezmann transfer, pay cut

2022-10-10 11:59

Laporta on De Jong's lucrative pay, Griezmann transfer, pay cut

The Barcelona club held a general meeting this Sunday, and Barcelona president Laporta talked about a number of topics.

Premier League's lucrative offer for De Jong

Laporta said they had received a number of lucrative offers from the Premier League, but decided to stay with a player as good as De Jong and bet on his talent. Manchester United have been wanting to introduce De Jong this summer, and it is even rumored that they have negotiated a transfer fee of 85 million euros with Barcelona, but in the end the player chose to stay in Barcelona. He also said that they did not force players to take pay cuts, but asked for them in a peaceful manner.

Griezmann confirms move to Atletico Madrid

Laporta said that Atletico should pay Barcelona 40 million euros because Griezmann has participated in a certain percentage of games, but Atletico don't think so. Griezmann's final transfer cost was 20 million plus a floating clause of 4 million.

Tucao La Liga President Tebas

Laporta said they had known each other for many years and that Tebas was a very enthusiastic person, but sometimes too enthusiastic and that he should serve the club. Laporta's assessment of Tebas depends on whether he works carefully.

Salary cut topic

Laporta said they tried to get some players to take pay cuts, but they were unsuccessful. However, in order to meet the requirements of the Financial Fair Play Act, and also out of sportsmanship, the members of the Barcelona board of directors had to guarantee 10 million euros with personal assets. He also said that if some players are willing to take a pay cut, they don't need to be guaranteed.