Learning to catch people is just getting started. How to become a professional assassin? (two)

2022-10-12 16:16

Learning to catch people is just getting started. How to become a professional assassin? (two)

Before arresting someone, please pay more attention to your gold coins and developmental abilities. A gentleman can take revenge. It is not too late for ten years. You don’t need to fight head-to-head. First, it is also good to go forward to harvest the head, get the head bounty, and improve the economy.

brush economy

Speaking of the economy, knowing how to brush the economy is also the second condition for playing an assassin . As we all know, the source of damage depends on equipment, and the canyon is quite realistic. Buying equipment also requires money. Simply put, the law of e-sports games is that no Money, no equipment, no damage, with enough damage, can you be qualified to arrest people, improve the success rate, want to kill the crispy skin alone, but not enough damage, being counter-killed by the shooter, how embarrassing the scene is.

Players who watch professional games on weekdays should all find that junglers usually put economy first, and shooters take over in the later stage, because only the jungler is the only one who suffers high damage in the early and mid-term, and the bonus of wild gold coins is more. , the economy is high enough, the damage is ideal. One thing to note here is that boosting the economy, just brushing wilds and harvesting kills is not enough, you also need to know how to choose the right time to smash the line, but this move is very easy to cause dissatisfaction.

rubbing line

Climbing the line will divide the gold coins of other heroes equally. For example, a mage has fallen behind in economy. You still go to the line and take away the gold coins of others. Then where will the mage get the money to buy equipment and deal damage? Balance, and don't think you can fly, you will start to feel unhappy, ready to rot.

Some players still don't understand that the King's Glory has been revised. The first four minutes of rushing to the line, clearing the line together will not affect each other's development. The jungler will only gain extra economy. If the jungler adds to the line, the economy must be the highest in the team.

The economy is ahead and the damage is high. The next thing to do is to bring the rhythm of the team up, roam to catch people, send signals to counter the jungle together, and have the opportunity to take the dragon to ensure a smooth game. To sum up, jungler tasks are complicated, you need to lead the rhythm, balance the psychology of your teammates, worry about the economy, and at the same time catch people based on the situation.

It’s really important to catch people, but without the economy, everything is empty talk. After the equipment is formed, the economy starts to be given up to teammates. The best team fight is to enter the field to harvest. The meaning of rhythm is not to stand in the front row and find someone to fight.