Learning to catch people is just getting started. How to become a professional assassin?

2022-10-12 16:14

Learning to catch people is just getting started. How to become a professional assassin?

Assassins are the core of the team. Everyone knows that players who form a team to match are more worried about their friends, and no one will play in the wild. Otherwise, when matching, it will be embarrassing if they bump into positions.

When ranking matches, we cannot determine whether the system will arrange an assassin for you. The best team is of course the assistant and the assassin, which is convenient for communication and cooperation. , in the early stage to help the assassin develop, you can return the assistant to the shooter to ensure that it develops stably, and takes over with rhythm in the middle.

This season, the jungle area has been revised to accelerate the development of the assassins. The jungler position is more important. Every move is enough to influence the overall situation and dominate the trend of the battlefield. In the early stage, he was the leader of the team, leading his teammates to catch and counter junglers. As an Assassin, it is more likely to fall into headwinds this season. The economic gap is too large, and you can only rely on the late stage to make a comeback. If you don’t want to be abused by the enemy in the early stage, remember to choose a reliable Assassin teammate.

learn to catch people

When talking about the jungle , players will definitely first say that they need to learn to catch people, target the crispy skin, restrain the development of shooters, and take care of the assassins who brush the jungle. If you don't know how to play in a group, and the economy is high, it's useless. When you come to the S29 season, you still have this kind of thinking, it's time to unfold the pattern and judge the situation from the perspective of the assassin.

That’s right, the Assassin’s explosive ability is very strong. There is no doubt that you can quickly save money to buy equipment by brushing wild monsters. The harvesting ability is very amazing. If you kill your opponent, you can bring advantages to other branches. Destroy the defense towers one by one as soon as possible, plus The mechanism is flexible. If you don't catch people, what's the use of keeping skills?

It's the jungler's responsibility to catch people, but it's not their only responsibility. If you want to harvest people, you have to consider your own economy, damage, enemy lineup, number of enemies, etc., and rush forward rashly, but you can't be counter-killed. , No one has harvested, waiting for the resurrection, maybe the wild area has been occupied, and the economy has gradually developed a gap. The advantage that was called in the early stage suddenly disappeared in the mid-term.

Learning to catch people is just an entry requirement for an assassin. Do you want to know how to play an assassin well? Friends, remember to stay at 77577 Sports , the next article will reveal the answer for you.