LeBron James breaks all-time NBA scoring record

2023-02-08 15:53

LeBron James breaks all-time NBA scoring record

In the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Lakers star LeBron James scored 20 points in the first half and scored a jumper with 10 seconds left in the third quarter. Achieved 38,388 points and became the new scoring leader.

The 38-year-old James played 1,409 games in the NBA , averaging 27.2 points per game. After years of accumulation, he scored a total of 38,388 points, breaking the previous record. The last scoring leader was NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1984, becoming the all-time scoring leader with a record of 38,387.

When James scored that goal, he excitedly raised his arms in celebration. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also came to the scene to watch the game and stood up and applauded James. In order to celebrate this historic moment, the game was suspended for a short break.

James took the microphone to speak on the court: "In the past 20 years, all the people who have played with me in the game, I want to say thank you to you, because without you, I would not be where I am today. You have helped me a lot , your passion and sacrifice have helped me get to this point."

"Thank you to the NBA, thank you to Adam Silver, thank you to the late David Stern. Thank you so much for allowing me to fulfill a part of my dream that I never dreamed possible."

LeBron James breaks all-time NBA scoring record

Abdul-Jabbar also solemnly handed the ball to James. The fans, players and media reporters all witnessed James' new record and cheered for him.