Leo made a threat to Tomori and Dias made contributions to help AC Milan recover 2-0 and take Juventus to the top three in Serie A

2022-10-09 12:49

Leo made a threat to Tomori and Dias made contributions to help AC Milan recover 2-0 and take Juventus to the top three in Serie A

In the ninth round of the 2022-2023 Serie A season , AC Milan will host Juventus for a battle. At the beginning, the home team made an offensive threat but the goal was cooled until the 24-year-old defender Fikayo Tomori and the 23-year-old midfielder Bra Sim Dias scored to help AC Milan take advantage of the situation to recover and easily beat Juventus 2-0, and the top three in the Ligue 1 standings are expected to compete for the championship.

In the first half, the visiting team's attack was blocked. The home team Leo hit the door frame twice and conceded the goal.

In the 12th minute of the first half, Juventus ' 34-year-old midfielder Juan Guillermo Cuadrado passed the ball on the right to 28-year-old striker Arcadius Milik, who was at the penalty spot. The latter shot straight to the goal but was saved by the 36-year-old goalkeeper of the home team AC Milan, Cyprien Tatarusanu. 1 minute later, 31-year-old defender Danilo Luis da Silva took a low shot from the right side of the penalty area and slanted into the left side of the goal, but the ball missed the left post and failed to score.

The hosts then started to fight back in the 20th minute when midfielder Sandro Tonali, 22, took a corner from the right and striker Rafael Leo, 23, struck from close range but the ball happened to hit the left post. Pop failed to score.

In the 34th minute, Leo took a long shot from outside the penalty area on the left, but the ball hit the right post and conceded. Although Leo did not score in this game, he helped AC Milan improve and created offensive opportunities in the first half, seriously threatening the opponent Juventus' left defense.

Home team Tomori opened the scoring before half-time

Then in the last minute before half-time, the home team took a corner kick from the left and the visitors made a clearance in front of the goal but the ball fell at the feet of the home team's 25-year-old defender Theo Hernandez in the penalty area. He shot straight at the goal but was blocked by teammate Tomori, who used this pass to intercept the ball with his body, then turned quickly with his left foot and shot directly into the upper left corner of the goal to help the home team break the deadlock 1-0. And it was Tomori's first goal in Serie A since March.

The home team Dias extended the score and won the second half

In the 54th minute of the second half, Vlahovic of Juventus of the visiting team made a mistake in the return pass from the frontcourt and was intercepted by the visiting team Dias. After escaping the sliding tackle defense and 2 defenses, he hit the goal with a single shot, and it was low at the front edge of the goal. He scored the goal to complete a wonderful one-handed goal and scored the second goal, adding another lead to the home team AC Milan!

Until the end of the game, Juventus failed to recover the score, defeating AC Milan 0-2 away. At present, Juventus has dropped to the 8th place in the Serie A standings with 3 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses, while AC Milan ranks in the top 3 in Serie A with 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Atlanta tied for the highest.

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