Lu Bu became a version trap, just because the player's thinking can't keep up with the version changes? (three)

2022-12-04 14:54

Lu Bu became a version trap, just because the player's thinking can't keep up with the version changes? (three)

Lu Bu in tank equipment has been the peak in the past few seasons, dominating the confrontation road. Since the version change in the S29 season, this set of equipment can no longer be used in the canyon. Most players still use Lu Bu's "ancient method" "Secret Skills" continued to increase points, and the popularity of heroes was very high, but only a few master players with good records, resulting in a situation of high appearance rate and low winning rate.

The output is not enough to be fatal

Before the S29 season, Lu Bu was helpless, his meat outfit was too strong, and he was almost unbeatable. In the current version, he is vulnerable. Even if you are not easy to be killed individually, the entire team will soon collapse because of your outfit. ,what is the reason? Because the overall output is not enough, it has become a fatal point. Some netizens must be wondering why Lu Bu, as a fighter against the road, needs to output. Without defense power, won't he be instantly killed by his opponent?

You must kill the back row in seconds, don't be the opponent's charger

The editor must emphasize that the pace of the S29 season is accelerating, but many players have not grasped this point. It is precisely because of the accelerated development that the growth cycle of mages and shooters will be shortened. The crispy skin with recovery equipment greatly improves the battery life. If you can't kill them in seconds, they will restore the status from you and generate the other party's charging treasure alive. In addition, the rise of Duanshe, with its astonishingly frequent basic attacks, has extremely high blood recovery and damage. When you walk in front of him, you will already kneel down and die violently.

In order to instantly kill the enemy's output heroes, the great gods of the national server took the lead in changing their outfit ideas, abandoning the usual core equipment, no longer using violent armor with anti-injury armor, but using cheap and common equipment, shortening the gold coin demand, and Complete all the outfits as soon as possible, and fight against the explosive crispy skin. The recommended equipment is resistance shoes, pure sky, violent armor, broken army, broken magic knife and new equipment.

Now that the pace of the game is getting faster, its own development cycle will also be shortened. Instead of relying on two pieces of defensive equipment to take damage, it is better to increase the output in an all-round way, and only use a percentage of pure sky to reduce the damage in exchange for the chance to kill the crispy skin. Lu Bu has The ultimate move is protection, which is immune to all skill damage during the jump. As long as you choose the right time to enter the field, use the enchanted spear after controlling the field, and use a skill to slash. It has to be able to sustain your high real damage.