Lu Bu became a version trap, just because the player's thinking can't keep up with the version changes? (two)

2022-12-04 14:52

Lu Bu became a version trap, just because the player's thinking can't keep up with the version changes? (two)

The version has been changed, the rhythm has been accelerated, the wild area has been changed, and there are more teleportation crystals in the confrontation road .

Staying at the same place, wondering whether the strength of the hero is no longer, or the matching mechanism often matches players with teammates whose strength does not meet the rank, resulting in the delay in winning the mark of the king. In fact, as long as you change your thinking and check the trend and gameplay of the version, you will It is found that the old gameplay has been eliminated, only continuous innovation can make the qualifying match easy. Lu Bu is the best example, let's analyze it together.

Lu Bu, who is popular at T0, has the lowest winning percentage among the top three

In the S29 season, the transmission method of the confrontation road is more convenient. Slow-moving fighters can quickly fly to the development road to support, help press the line, kill them, and suppress the development of the opposite shooter. However, Lu Bu has no effect at all online, which is difficult Isn't it because you can't take care of your own route? The answer is wrong. Lu Bu has always been a popular opponent against road fighters, with a popularity of T0. He has been praised by players as the strongest fighter many times. Check his winning percentage, and you will find that Lu Bu is ranked in the bottom three, with an appearance rate of 35.6% and a winning percentage of only 48.53% Xian, this kind of situation doesn't happen very often, obviously Lu Bu player made a mistake.

Let's re-analyze Lu Bu's gameplay. Everyone loves his meaty style. Due to the lack of tanks in the team, the defense of the whole team is not enough. In addition, Lu Bu is born to deal real damage. After the spear is enchanted, it ignores any shield effect. Displacement group control, with blood recovery effect, is a simple and rude warrior.

It used to be invincible, but now it has been eliminated

Lu Bu, who is equipped with a tank , can carry and fight. In the case of alone in the line, it is actually very difficult to be killed by the opponent. Two small equipments of thorn gauntlets are released to transition their strong period. After the economy is raised, they will be upgraded to anti-injury stab armor and violent armor. There are more passive damage and armor value bonuses. What do you think of Lu Bu? Will be killed, unless the player is really too weak, how invincible the former meat suit, Lu Bu players who want to play output, at most will only buy Broken Army and Infinity Blade to increase the output of heroes, but this method, already Was eliminated.