Lu Bu became a version trap, just because the player's thinking can't keep up with the version changes?

2022-12-03 15:06

Lu Bu became a version trap, just because the player's thinking can't keep up with the version changes?

Every time the season of Glory of Kings changes, a major update involves multiple heroes and equipment adjustments, which will create a version change, solve some problems in the game, maintain game balance, and of course not forget to increase the fun of the game and create new gameplay for loyal players , With challenges, competitive games will not be boring.

The biggest change in the S29 season

Looking back on the past seasons, the changes are really not big. We watched the mage become a tool man, and then turned back the hat and returned to the original gameplay. Then it was the turn of the support to be strengthened, and then there was the rise of the dull shot. The changes in the S29 season are the only ones. It is the most obvious version, a jungle change, jungle acceleration and economic catch-up mechanism, junglers face a big challenge, that is, not to collapse in the early stage, otherwise the economy will be too far away, and if they can’t catch up later, they will lose.

Not only that, but the way of teleportation on the confrontation path has been changed. After breaking the small crystal, teleportation can be carried out anytime and anywhere. The calculation method of the core equipment of the auxiliary hero has also been changed. As a result, the auxiliary hero cannot superimpose the passive effect normally, and is forced to give up the smiting flow. Run to the wild area to put pressure on the assassin and affect the opponent's development.

The only way to play is to play fast! quick! quick!

The core change of the S29 season is the jungler. There is a protection mechanism for the change of the jungle area. It is not easy to be targeted in the early stage. Based on the accelerated development, the heroes who clear the jungle quickly, and the jungler heroes whose strength falls in the early stage can add a lot of advantages to the team. The field rhythm is accelerating, and even the confrontation road has higher requirements for controlling the rhythm. To sum up the S29 season, there are only three words, that is, fast! quick! quick! For a moment, players can't adapt at all, so there are players whose thinking is eliminated, not that the hero's strength cannot keep up with the version.

The main change in the confrontation road is the transmission method, which is more convenient than before. There is no need to stand in the same place at the portal, worrying that the enemy will interfere with the development road support at any time, the action is slow, and clumsy heroes benefit from it. Go to the other end of the map for support. It's not difficult. At the same time, players in the confrontation lane cannot properly handle the laning problem, and the teleportation will make them make mistakes, or gain an advantage in the laning. Unfortunately, the game is still lost in the end. Where is the problem? The next article will be revealed for you!