Lyon refutes French reports, insists it has no intention of sacking Peter Bosch

2022-10-08 14:36

Lyon refutes French reports, insists it has no intention of sacking Peter Bosch

Peter Bosz is not in danger of being sacked, Olympic Lyon insisted on Friday. "The club has full confidence in Peter Bosz, his team, and his players and will do everything in their power to ensure the goal is achieved," Lyon said in a statement.

Lyon's statement was undoubtedly a response to the French media Foot Mercato: about two weeks ago, Foot Mercato chief reporter Santi Aouna reported that Lyon management held a meeting after the team lost 1-0 to Paris Saint-Germain. A crisis meeting that included Peter Bosz and sporting director Vincent Ponso. At the meeting, Vincent Ponso informed Bos that he still has 5 games to reverse the team's recent decline, otherwise, he will be dismissed.

Santi Aouna also revealed that Peter Bosz's tactical arrangement has caused some dissatisfaction within the team, especially Lacazette. However, Lyon retorted, "Whether it is Alexandre Lacazette or other players, no one complained to the management about Peter Bos's tactics. The captain also communicated with the coach frequently, but never challenged his choice."

As for the Brazilian central defender Thiago Mendes, who caused the conflict within the team in the report - it is reported that some players questioned his starting position, Lyon said in the statement: "Thiago Mendes is in the middle of the defense. The choice has never been questioned from within. The Brazilian proved his ability in this position against Paris Saint-Germain."

Olympic Lyon concluded by claiming that Foot Mercato's erroneous report on the dismissal of Peter Bosz had the sole purpose of destabilizing the team. The club meanwhile said they will do everything in their power to keep Peter Bosz and the players in the best possible condition to achieve the ultimate goal.

Since the season so far, Lyon has ranked seventh in the league with 4 wins, 2 draws, and 4 losses, and is 3 points away from the Champions League.